The Terraces, situated in The New Administrative Capital's R8 district, features a mix of commercial, administrative, and clinical spaces across a ground floor plus three additional levels, designed with a cascading multilayer floor system. The mall includes three types of office spaces: The Terrace office, The Garden office, and The Courtyard office.

Upon the entrance of The Terraces, our ground floor lobby is all about hospitality. It’s designed to be comfortable, warm and welcoming, symbolizing our commitment to making every visitor to feel at home. The mall's amenities include an art gallery, studio space, co-working areas, virtual meeting pods, communal meeting rooms, chit-chat corners, a fitness lounge, and a rooftop area.

The facilities provided at The Terraces include solar energy, receptionist, security, mall courier, cleaning services and maintenance.

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Terrace Office

New Capital, R8

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