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1 Bedroom

the curve compound


flexi finishing

Piping is set. Appliances are ready to be added in all kitchens & bathrooms.

Frames are ready & installed on all internal doors.

Installed ceramic tiles for floors & walls in bathrooms & kitchens.

Application of mosaic tiles for flooring throughout the entire apartment. Ready to install HDF or Porcelain.

Established internal piping for all electrical supplies & units.

Walls are ready to add the final coat.

Fully installed windows.

Flooring tiles & handrails for terraces.

Fencing plants for Ground Floor Gardens.


Here to help with any of your day-to-day tasks. Our concierge service will be at your disposition 24/7.

garbage shoot

An efficient way for waste disposal. We added garbage shoots to all our buildings.


We know how hard it can be to find a reliable housekeeping service. That is why we hired professionals to accommodate you with all your needs.


Day-to-day home maintenance. Trained professionals will be at your service.


A home is where you feel safe. Our 24-hour round security staff and innovative technological security measures will provide you with the utmost protection.

solar energy

What better way to get your electricity than from the sun? Our solar panels are specially designed to gather energy and turn it to electricity.

let's keep in touch

Stay in-the-know about the latest news and projects we have in development.